About Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Blocks and bricks can be used as plates, platters, sauteing on, grilling, chilling, chopping (breadboard), curing, baking, salting and plating. They make the perfect chopping board for meat. Himalayan Salt does not harbor bacteria or germs and therefore there is a reduced rate of cross contamination.

Cooking hints with Himalayan Salt Blocks

  • Slow cooking is best, use gas or raised for electric elements, 100 to 150 degrees
  • The Himalayan Salt Block will take about 20 – 30 minutes to fully heat up
  • The block will be extremely hot so be careful not to touch without wear cooking gloves
  • It’s a good idea to have your block on a timber base or cutting board so as not to burn your table top
  • Use coconut oil slightly on food you want to cook, not onto salt block
  • Seafood and fish can cook in 2-3 minutes and it’s great idea to take to table 2 minutes so guests can enjoy aroma and visual aspect of salt dining
  • Do not wash for 4 hours or best, leave overnight as the block stores heat and could crack. Wash only when your Salt Block has cooled.

Himalayan Salt Blocks For Detox

  • Heat your smaller Himalayan Salt Block in a microwave, oven or BBQ, place onto a towel then rest your hands and/or feet.
  • When the Salt is heated it draws toxins from the body when you place your hands or feet on it. Salt therapy naturally helps detoxify your body, support normal blood circulation, promote enhanced well-being and can even improve sleep quality.

Caring for your Himalayan Salt Blocks

  • After each use lightly wash your Himalayan Salt Block with a little warm water and a soft brush or green scrubby, pat dry with a paper towel before setting on a drying rack. This will remove a very thin layer of the salt and make it ready for use again. Only clean your Salt Block when it is cooled.
  • When not in use have your Himalayan Salt Block wrapped in a plastic bag or food wrap. Treated with care a large salt slab will provide years of service.