Gift Certificate FAQ’s

Everything you need to know about our Gift Certificates is right here.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate

What types of Gift Certificates can I purchase?
You can purchase a $25, $50, $75 or $100 Gift Certificate from the Himalayan Salt Factory.
Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged with additional value.
On occasions we may also offer promotional Gift Certificates.
Please note that specific conditions and exclusions may apply to promotional Gift Certificates.
Where can I buy Himalayan Salt Factory Gift Certificates?
Currently Gift Certificates can only be purchased on our website here.
We are unable to sell Gift Certificates in-store.
Do the Gift Certificates expire?
Himalayan Salt Factory Gift Certificates will be valid for use for 365 days from the date of issue, after such time it will be invalid.
You should use all of the remaining Gift Certificate value before the expiry date.
After the expiry date unused value will become the property of the Himalayan Salt Factory Pty Ltd.
What do the Gift Certificates look like?
Our Gift Certificates are emailed directly to the email address nominated by you at the time of purchase.
They are a printable A4 PDF format that is perfect for any gift.
Can I send the Gift Certificate straight to another person?
Yes. You can purchase a Gift Certificate and have it emailed to yourself or emailed straight to another person.
Can I add a message to the Gift Certificate?
Yes, you can create a custom message up to 400 characters (including spaces).
The message you create will appear on the Gift Certificate.
How do I buy a Gift Certificate?
To purchase a Gift Certificate online follow the steps below –
1. Navigate to the Gift Certificate Category here
2. Select the Gift Certificate you wish to purchase. and click ‘ADD TO CART’
Please note if you wish to nominate more than one delivery address and/or method you will need to add separate items to the cart
3. Navigate to the Check Out Page

Enter you details; First name, surname, email, phone, address, suburb, state, country and postcode are required fields.

Should you wish to add a custom message (up to 400 characters (including spaces) complete the required fields. The message you create will appear on all Gift Cards in an order. If you do not wish to add a message simply leave blank.
Select Next.

Enter the recipient details for each Gift Certificate

Review details of your order if you would like to amend your order select the ‘Previous’ button or if correct click on ‘Perform Payment’.
Enter your payment details and select Continue to perform payment or cancel to cancel your order.
If your payment was unsuccessful select ‘Attempt Payment Again’ to enter the payment details.
Once payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation message and an order number.
Please record this order number for further enquires or select ‘print page’ for your reference.
Please note that a Gift Card Order Confirmation will be sent to the email address provided.

When will my Gift Certificate be emailed?
Once your order has been processed and your payment cleared your Gift Certificate will be emailed. Delivery of emailed Gift Certificates may take up to 4 hours from the time of payment.
Can I cancel my Gift Certificate order?
Once your order is submitted via the Himalayan Salt Factory website, Gift Certificate orders cannot be cancelled unless required by law.


Redeeming a Gift Certificate

Where can the Gift Certificates be used/redeemed?
You can redeem your Gift Certificate for online purchases at –
or in store at –
Himalayan Salt Factory
23 Surfers Ave
Mermaid Waters
Queensland 4218
Is there anything I can't use my Gift Certificate for?
Currently the only thing you can’t use our Gift Certificates for is Salt Cave visits or events.
How many times can I use my Gift Certifcate?
You can use your Gift Certificate online one or more times until the balance reaches zero.
If you choose to redeem your Gift Certificate in-store it can only be used one time.
How do I redeemed a Gift Certificate online?
To redeem a Gift Certificate online follow the steps below –
1. Add the products you want to buy to your cart
3. Navigate to the Check Out Page
4. Enter your Gift Certificate Code to the coupon Box at the top of the Checkout page


Other Gift Certificate FAQ's

What if a Gift Certificate is lost or stolen?
Once Gift Certificates are issued they should be treated like cash, as lost or stolen certificates cannot be replaced or refunded.
Can more value be added to a Gift Certificate?
No, once a Gift Certificate has been purchased, the value on it cannot be increased.
Can I return a Gift Certificate or get a refund?
No, Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for another denomination of Gift Certificate or for another tender (example cash).
Gift Certificates cannot be refunded or returned, unless required by law.
Can I exchange my Gift Certificate?
No, you cannot exchange your Gift Certificate for a different denomination or type of Gift Certificate or for another tender, cash or discount.