Enhance Fruit With Salt – Say What?

Enhance Fruit with Salt | Himalayan Salt Factory

Salt is widely known as a ‘universal flavour enhancer’. At low concentrations salt will reduce bitterness in foods but increase sweetness – making sweet things taste sweeter, but in higher concentrations it suppresses sweetness and enhances Umami (savory) making foods more savory.

“Yes I’ll have some salt on my fruit please.”

Sound strange to you? In many countries, especially in Asia, it is common practice to sprinkle salt on fruit like apples, watermelon, guava, mango, papaya, starfruit and many other tropical fruits to enhance their flavour.

So it may sound a bit odd to add salt to pineapple to make it sweeter, but adding natural salt (like Himalayan Salt) to a pineapple does just that. Especially if your pineapple isn’t quite sweet enough for you, or if the pineapple is too acidic. Acidic foods normally have a tart or sour taste, but when they are converted into neutral compounds (which is what happens when you add natural salt) they lose their sourness and so the pineapple tastes sweeter. Amazing!

Need a post work out snack?

A great refreshing post work-out snack is salted watermelon. The combination of the natural Himalayan Salt with the juicy sweet watermelon is amazingly refreshing or try a salty watermelon slushy. It’s also a great snack for the family on a hot day.

Champagne with salt, really?

The same way salt enhances the flavour of foods it also enhances the flavour in beverages. Sprinkle a small amount of Himalayan Salt on your tongue before sipping your champagne. Just a tiny pinch of salt balances the flavour of most beverages which can make them immediately taste smoother, even cheap wine.

Enhance Fruit with Salt | Himalayan Salt Factory

A hint of salt added to acidic foods can make them taste less sour. Also, a hint of salt added to bitter foods can make them taste less bitter. Coffee and tea both have bitter compounds, a dash of salt will make either seem less bitter. If you have something made with fruit that is too tart, your first impulse may be to add sugar, however, when you add sugar, sometimes what you end up with is sweet and sour, rather than something that simply tastes a little less tart, and a little more sweet. This is why adding more and more sugar to fruit pies to make the fruit less tart, may just render an overly sweet, but still somewhat tart, fruit pie.

Enhance Fruit with Salt | Himalayan Salt Factory

The solution to all your tart problems –  add a little salt instead of more sugar and it will decrease the perception of tartness, while also enhancing the flavour overall.
*To enhance fruit with salt and other foods always use only use natural salt like Himalayan Salt.


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