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The Crystal Factory is the largest retail and wholesale Crystal and Himalayan Salt supplier in Australia with over 50 tonnes of Crystals and Salt on site all year round. We are direct importers from Brazil, Madagascar and the Khewra Salt Mines with containers arriving every 8 weeks filled with amazing goodies. Open to the public and wholesale customers.

Here at the Crystal Factory we have a Salt Cave that is unique to the Gold Coast, Australia containing over 3 tonnes of Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt for the ultimate relaxation session.

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What Our Customers Say

Amazing selection of crystals! Took home a nice crystal tea light! Something for all budgets! Will go back again when in town 👌🏽

Natalia Fidow

Beyond Amazing. Will definitely be coming back on a road trip. This place is priced great and has such a beautiful range. Highly recommend!!

Wonderful store. I found my favourite White Sage incense here on special. Ordered it online and the incense arrived very quickly, beautifully wrapped and safely packaged. Highly recommended!

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Transform your home decor with the enchanting beauty of Amethyst geode statement pieces. These captivating crystals not only add a striking “wow” factor to any space but also infuse your home with positive energy and tranquility.


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