Ancient Healing with Salt

Every civilization to walk on this Earth have all had very similar ideas about the magical properties of salt. Since the days of ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, Salt has been used for various remedies, rituals, protection and cures; whether it’s Priests performing ceremonial baths, or the cleansing of crystals, clearing homes or other buildings of negative energy; the use of purification with Salt and its extreme ability to draw away negative energy has been known, trusted and used worldwide for many thousands of years.

Many cultures believe that Salt absorbs psychic negative energy and binds it into its own crystal structure. For this reason, many homes would use Salt for protection even to this day people all over the world still use Salt for protection against evil spirits and psychic attacks. Salt would be sprinkled in and around the perimeter of dwellings, especially window sills and doorways. Salt beside the bed is used to protect from night terrors and evil spirits.

In 460 B.C, Hippocrates began using salt in a variety of remedies, one example is that he would use natural salt and water on the skin to cure skin diseases. Around 100AD a Roman Doctor named Dioskurides would mix salt with substances such as vinegar, wine or honey for digestive remedies and skin diseases. Chinese historians have found that as early as 6000 BC, Chinese people harvested salt from the surface of the lake after the water evaporated during the sunny summer seasons.

The Muisca – ancient native people of Colombia, traded valuable Salt for Gold. El Dorado was the term used by Europeans to describe the tribal chief of the Muisca, “El Dorado” meaning ‘the Golden One’ in Spanish. The chief of the Muisca would be always covered in fine Gold Dust. For many years travellers and expolorers searched for what they thought may be a secret hidden City made of Gold, as the Muisca people had so much and gave away so freely, but it was in fact not Gold that they valued so highly, it was Salt. Gold was what the Muisca people would give for
sacrifice to the Gods, but it was because of their precious Salt was how they got their all their Gold, and it was Salt (not Gold) that was their most highly valued possession. Man cannot survive without Salt, and because of this, the Muisca people were very ‘wealthy’ in terms of living and lifestyle of its time due to their Salt trades.