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Himalayan Salt Lamp Replacement Parts

Power Cord and Bulb Instructions | Himalayan Salt Factory

Important Notes:

Due to the new regulations have been put in place by the committees of Australia Standard, Salt Lamps being sold in Australia are required to have an Australia standard power cord not exceeding 24 voltage in 2020, which means we can’t provide the old 220-240V power cord for the salt lamp. Therefore, we offer the new 12V dc power cords for all the salt lamps to satisfy the Australia standard. This new 12V dc power cord can only be used with 12 volt (12V-12W) bulbs strictly.

However, if you have the old 220-240V power cord at home, you can still use it for your salt lamp and this old 220-240V power cord  is compatible with 7 watt and 15 watt bulbs.

Refer to the illustration above, check the model of your cord and find out the correct bulb for the safety reasons.

For the Crystal and Selenite Lamps, they still come with the Australia standard 220-240V power cord without any changes. The 220-240V power cords are used with 7 wattage or 15 wattage bulbs.

If you have a power cord at home and you just need the replacement bulbs, please check the model of your cord before purchasing any bulbs.