6 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake

6 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake | Himalayan Salt Factory

A lot of people including our joyful “modern day hippies” love Himalayan salt lamps and why not. They act as a natural air disinfectant, they are so pretty to have around your home and offer so many other health benefits. With the recent increase in popularity of Himalayan salt lamps so has the number of fake Himalayan salt lamps on the market. Here are six signs your Himalayan salt lamp is fake and how you can easily identify a real salt lamp.

6 easy ways to tell your if Himalayan Salt Lamp is fake

1. Too Bright for The Sky

If your Himalayan salt lamp is way too bright this is one of the top indicators that the salt lamp could very well be fake. When we say bright we mean like a flood light. Typically salt lamp colors will range anywhere from intermediate pink all the way to dark orange and because the salt is so full of diverse types of minerals the light which is omitted from the lamp should appear muted or irregular. Your Himalayan salt lamp should only produce a very soft glow. If your lamp is a blinding beacon of light it might just be a fake Himalayan salt lamp.

2. Having a White Crystal Which Wasn’t Expensive

As we know, Himalayan salt lamps typically come in very soft pinkish and orange hues. White Himalayan salt lamps do actually exist but they are tremendously rare as well as highly sought after. So, that being said, a true and authentic White Himalayan salt lamp will be much more expensive than a standard pink salt lamp. If you have a white Himalayan salt lamp and you didn’t pay a large amount of money for it, more than likely, you have a fake white Himalayan salt lamp.

3. Very Good at Handling Moisture

There is actually a process in which Himalayan salt lamps give out moisture and the process is called Hygroscopy. What happens is the salt lamp purifies the air around them by absorbing moisture as well as any attached floating particles, then the lamp omits pure water back out into the atmosphere. What you will notice with a real Himalayan salt lamp is it crying or leaking, it’s supposed to do this. If your salt lamp doesn’t do this it’s probably fake.

4. Your Lamp Is Extremely Durable

If your Himalayan salt lamp feels as though it is very sturdy and durable, almost as if you couldn’t destroy it, that right there is a perfect indication that your salt lamp is fake. This is because all real and authentic Himalayan salt lamps are created to be very fragile and delicate and in fact, it’s not uncommon for the lamps to arrive broken in regards of going through shipping.

5. Supplier Has a Poor Return Policy

This is a super red flag in regards to speculating that your salt lamp is fake. All real Himalayan salt lamp companies understand that their products, such as the lamps, are super fragile and most of the time, companies expect high amounts of requested send backs. If the company you purchased from doesn’t have a welcoming and upstanding return policy, your lamp may not be real.

6. Not Feeling Any Health Benefits

As many skeptics as there are out there, a true and authentic Himalayan salt lamp will definitely help physically improve your life. It’s been a solid fact for many years that letting one of these salt lamps burn throughout your home, will dismiss the issues of common allergies and asthma. Keep in mind that if your lamp isn’t making you feel lighter and healthier, then you most definitely have a fake salt lamp.

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