Enhance Fruit With Salt – Say What?

Enhance Fruit with Salt | Himalayan Salt Factory

Salt is widely known as a ‘universal flavour enhancer’. At low concentrations salt will reduce bitterness in foods but increase sweetness – making sweet things taste sweeter, but in higher concentrations it suppresses sweetness and enhances Umami (savory) making foods more savory. “Yes I’ll have some salt on my fruit please.” Sound strange to you? […]

Did You Know Adding Himalayan Salt to Pineapple Makes It Sweeter?

Did you know adding himalayan salt to pineapple makes it sweeter

When we want to eat something sweet we sprinkle some sugar on it. But did you know that adding Himalayan Cooking Salt to a pineapple makes it sweeter to taste? It seems counter-intuitive right? But this delicious combination is a result from a chemical reaction between the taste receptors in the mouth. How to experience […]

The Top Ten Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Top 10 benefits of himalayan salt | Himalayan Salt Factory

There are so many different things a person can do to have great health benefits from exercising, engaging in spiritual endeavors, eating correctly or even bathing a specific way.  Himalayan salt is such a versatile product which can be added to your life in so many ways to improve your health. From Himalayan bath salts […]