Himalayan Salt Skin Care Range

Himalayan Salt Skin Care Range | Himalayan Salt Factory

Here at the Himalayan Salt Factory the team have been busy little bees behind the scenes creating a new Himalayan Salt Skin Care Range for your face and body with our highly qualified skincare researchers and developers.
Our skin is the largest organ on the human body. We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat”, but have you also heard “you are what you absorb”?

Everything we put on our skin gets absorbs directly into our bloodstream. Today more and more people are aware about harsh chemicals not only in our foods, but also in face and body products and how they can have an effect on our skin and overall health.

Chemicals in body products have been linked to many health problems, including allergies, skin conditions and cancer.

Here is a list of common ingredients used in every day skin care products including ingredients in nail polish, shampoo, make-up and body wash –

  • Parabens – linked to breast cancer
  • Synthetic colours – linked to ADHD and other behavioral problems
  • Fragrance – linked to allergies, dermatitis, asthma and potential effects on the reproductive system
  • Phthalates – linked to breast cancer, early breast development in young girls and reproductive birth defects in both males and females
  • Triclosan – linked to problems with thyroid and reproductive hormones
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – linked to kidney and respiratory damage
  • Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) – linked to kidney and respiratory damage
  • Formaldehyde – linked to a range of different cancers and allergies
  • Toluene – linked to asthma, skin irritations and developmental damage in the fetus
  • Propylene glycol – linked to dermatitis and hives
  • Sunscreen chemicals – linked to cellular damage and cancer.

Today more and more people are stepping away from using traditional soaps on their skin and are wanting to cleanse and hydrate their skin naturally using quality natural and organic ingredients.

Not only is using natural organic products on your skin better for your health, but it is also better for the environment too. When we wash our bodies, face and hair with products filled with harsh chemicals, these chemicals are then being washed down the drain and out into the environment.

When you use natural organic ingredients very little can go wrong and is better for your overall health and for the environment. When you use products with chemicals in them you may see instant positive results but on the other hand, over time, the side effects from using chemicals has a far greater risk on your health. With using natural products you may not see results straight away but over time your body, skin and overall health will vastly improve.

Salt body scrubs are fast becoming popular and it only seemed obvious that the Himalayan Salt Factory – being the largest Himalayan Salt supplier in Australia should create their own skin care range and that’s exactly what we are doing.

Our new Himalayan salt skin care range will include a variety of foot scrubs, body scrubs and face scrubs. They will all contain our own Himalayan Salt along with other amazing natural ingredients like cranberry, coconut and lemon myrtle.

We are currently finalising the products in the range and I can tell you the smells are amazing! Stay tuned for our Himalayan Salt Skin Care range launch date.

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