How to Detox Your Body Using Himalayan Salt

How To Detox Your Body Using Himalayan Salt | Himalayan Salt Factory

Using Himalayan Salt to detox the body is a simple way to release toxins which can build up in our system for a range of reasons. Sluggish digestion, eating processed foods and everyday stress all have a detrimental impact on our bodies.

Himalayan Salt is a natural and pure aid to assist the body’s natural detoxing processes in a gentle way. Unlike many other detox regimes that are complicated or expensive, Himalayan Salt detoxes are affordable and easy to do.

Here are our Top 5 ways to detox your body using Himalayan Salt

1. Relax with a Himalayan Salt Bath

The rejuvenating and cleansing benefits of bathing with Himalayan Salt have long been appreciated by Eastern and Western traditions. Bathing with Himalayan Salt has the added benefit of absorbing minerals important to the healthy functioning of the body. Additionally, having a warm bath induces the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response of the body (opposite of the fight-or-flight response). Besides feeling good, how does relaxing help your body to detox? Initiating the relaxation response essentially helps boost your body’s natural cleansing processes as it affects healing, digestion and sleep quality. How to detox your body using Himalayan salt - Bath

2. Treat your feet to Himalayan Salt Foot Bath and Lamp Detox

A Himalayan Salt Foot Bath and Lamp Detox is a fuss free way to detox the body at home, and give your feet and legs a soothing rejuvenating treatment at the same time.

Himalayan Salt has antibacterial and anti fungal properties and contains over 80 minerals. These beneficial minerals are absorbed into the body through your skin helping you release toxins and improve healthy functioning of the body at a cellular level.


  • Shallow bucket, rectangular if possible
  • Towel
  • Warm water in a jug
  • 6 Tablespoons of fine Himalayan Bath Salt
  • Handful of course Himalayan Bath Salt
  • Foot scrubber


  1. Fill the bucket with a couple of inches of warm water
  2. Add 6 tablespoons of fine Himalayan Salt plus a handful of coarse Himalayan Salt (it feels great on your feet)
  3. Soak your feet, close your eyes and relax
  4. Use a foot scrubber to gently exfoliate the soles of your feet
  5. Dry your feet and place on the Foot Detox Salt Lamp. Placing your feet directly on the warm foot lamp will facilitate further absorption of minerals and release of toxins.
  6. If you’re short of time and need a quick detox, wash your feet, dry them off and place directly on the Foot Lamp.
Foot Detox Salt Lamp | Himalayan Salt Factory

3. Drink a Salt Sole Every Morning

Drinking a Himalayan Salt Sole is an easy and inexpensive way to help the body detox. Drawing on the healing traditions of the East, drinking mineral rich Himalayan Salt Sole helps to remove waste and toxins from your body, balances pH and aids digestion. So what is Sole? Sole is a concentrated salt water solution that has reached saturation point, meaning that any additional salt added wont dissolve.


  1. Fill a glass jar (500ml or more, plastic or glass lid) with ½ cup of Fine Himalayan Salt
  2. Add 1½ cups of filtered water
  3. Let it sit overnight to give the salt time to dissolve
  4. If all the Himalayan salt granules have dissolved in the morning add ¼ of cup more.
  5. Don’t worry if there are undissolved salt granules in the bottom of the jar, it’s a sign the solution is saturated.
  6. Store with a lid to prevent the water from evaporating, no refrigeration necessary.

To use: Add 1 teaspoon of Sole to a glass of filtered water daily and drink at the beginning of the day before drinking or eating anything else.

4. Use a Salt Lamp in your Home or Work Space

Reduce contaminants and cleanse your home or work space with a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Himalayan Salt Lamps attract and absorb contaminants from the air, such as pollen, cigarette smoke and dust, helping to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. Also, the heat from the lamp generates negative ions helping to reduce the electromagnetic pollution we are exposed to from electronic devices (e.g. computers, TVs, smart phones).

How to detox your body using Himalayan Salt - Lamp

5. Halo Salt Therapy @ The Salt Cave

The Salt Cave at the Himalayan Salt Factory is an incredibly purifying environment, the walls and floor are made from over 3 tonnes of Himalayan Salt. Popular with marathon runners and athletes for the benefits to lung capacity, Halo Salt Therapy can help relieve symptoms of many respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis. The air in the Salt Cave is rich with micro salt particles which are generated by a Halo generator, effectively recreating the therapeutic conditions of a natural Salt cave. These negatively charged ions are absorbed by the body helping it to heal and release inflammation. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Salt Cave Gold Coast | Himalayan Salt Factory

If you aren’t able to make it to our Salt Cave you can also try a Himalayan Salt Inhalers, a safe natural aid to purifying your respiratory system.

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